Sofia is a dedicated illustrator based in Turin, Italy, and is proudly represented by Illo Agency.

She brings joy to her work through the use of colour, shape and texture.
Her artwork is characterized by its vibrant, quirky style.

With a BA in Art History and an MA in Arts Management, Sofia’s artistic skills are complemented by formal education. She further developed her illustration skills through self-guided learning, including courses in commercial and children's illustration, alongside mentorship.
She primarily works in digital mediums, using Adobe Fresco, which allows her to seamlessly blend vector and raster brushes, providing her with unparalleled creative freedom.

Her experience includes freelance projects, creating illustrations for board books, creative kits for children (stickers, pins) and packaging. Outside of illustration, Sofia embraces a healthy lifestyle, enjoying yoga, hiking, cooking, and crocheting.
Sofia enjoys working on projects across children’s publishing, as well as licensing, toys & puzzles and illustrations for brands & packaging. Feel free to contact her at:
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